NSpec - Universal software

NSpec - Universal SPM software

Nspec Software

NSpec – Universal software for all NST devices. Nspec controls all EG controllers functionality, and all devices connected to controller (SPM Certus, scanning stage Ratis, stepper motors etc.). Software has capability to operate CCD detectors and spectrometers, connected to PC workstation. Multithread core of the program is build with modern crossplatform compiler (GCC4) and interface part based on QT4 toolkit. Software is compatible with all modern versions OS Windows, Version for Linux, *BSD or MacOS X available by customer request.

NSpec features:

  • automatic sensor & PI calibration
  • automatic contactless tip force calibration
  • safe landing
  • smart "push of a button" setup & landing
  • "jumping mode"
  • digital Q control
  • fast scan in OL with correction for sensors position
  • "4d" force-distance/spectra map with convolutions
  • all operational parameters are attached to data
  • 16-32bit data support
  • integration with Gwyddion
  • ability to detach any module into separate window

Gwyddion splash.

Please note that only basic data processing functions are implemented in NSpec Software. Specialized data processing (such as Gwyddion) software is recommended for more detailed and powerful data processing. Special spectroscopy data processing software (e.g. GRAMS)  is recommended for spectral data processing and filtering. NSpec Software has direct data export to  ASCII, gwy (Gwyddion), spc (GRAMS) formats.

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows XP;
  • 256 Mb RAM;
  • Video card with OpenGL support;
  • 50 Mb free space on hard drive.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Windows Vista or Windows 7;
  • 512 Mb RAM;
  • Video card NVidia.


  • Current version of NSpec software;
  • USB-driver;

Also you can download following files:

NSpec screenshots:

Demonstration of obtaining spectral information from surface, containing objects with different emission spectra (emulator mode).