Centaur I HR – Scanning AFM/Confocal/Raman/Fluorescence system with double dispersion monochromator for Raman/Fluorescence

Centaur I HR – Scanning AFM/Confocal/Raman/Fluorescence system with double dispersion monochromator for Raman/Fluorescence and AFM/Raman (TERS) imaging

Centaur HR combines:

  • Scanning Probe Microscope;
  • Inverted or Upright Optical Microscope;
  • Laser Confocal Microscope;
  • Raman Confocal Microscope;
  • Fluorescence Confocal Microscope.

Centaur HR - integrated SPM and high resolution spectrometer, optical and confocal microscopes

Centaur HR (High resolution) includes high-aperture double dispersive monochromator/spectrograph whose compact design combines high spectral resolution intrinsic for long-focus devices and extremely low stray light peculiar to double schemes. It is possible to measure Raman lines up to 20 cm-1 from excitation line with spectral resolution up to 0.01 nm which is different to the devices based on interferometric filters with typical values of 100-200 cm-1. Also it is possible to observe Stocks and Anti-Stocks lines simultaneously.

TeO2  crystal Raman spectra


TeO2  crystal Raman spectra

TeO2 crystal Raman spectra. Pike with 67 cm-1 (up spectrum) depends on crystal orientation. Excitation: single mode laser 532 nm, 10 mW.

Centaur HR structural scheme


  • Scanning Probe Microscopy;
  • Raman Confocal Microscopy;
  • Fluorescence Confocal Microscopy;
  • Near-Field Scanning Microscopy;
  • Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS);
  • Tip-Enhanced Fluorescent Spectroscopy (TEFS).

Where to use:

  • Chemistry. Combination of methods of scanning probe microscopy and Raman spectroscopy allows the analysis of the composition and structure of organic and inorganic substances, traditional and composite materials;
  • Physics. Investigation of physical characteristics of surface and subsurface layers of substances and materials;
  • Biology. Study of tissues, cells and their structures, biological molecules and the interactions between them;
  • Interdisciplinary research. Research in the field of nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials science, mineralogy, geology, forensic, analysis of art and many others.

Advantages of Centaur HR:

  • Dual independent scanners (in head and base);
  • Multiple simultaneous signal recording (confocal, spectra, topography, phase etc.);
  • Full spectra recording in each scan point with high spectral resolution (hyperspectral imaging);

  • Integration with virtually unmodified upright or inverted optical microscopes to work with transparent and none transparent samples;

  • Modern cross-platform software (for all the Centaur units).


  • Scanning Probe Microscope Certus;
  • XY - sample piezo scanning stage Ratis;
  • Confocal unit;
  • Monochromator with high spectral resolution;
  • Optical microscope (upright or inverted);
  • Digital controller EG-3000;
  • Software NSpec.