SPM Сontroller EG-3000

SPM Electronic controller EG-3000


Electronic controller EG-3000 is designed to control  SPM or scanning confocal microscope. Controller provides data acquisition from internal sensors and external devices, applies control voltage to scanners piezoelectric actuators. All obtained information is transferring to PC workstation for visualization and processing.

One of the most important parts of the EG-3000 controller is closed loop feedback system realized by means of 20-bit TDC (Time-to-Digital Convertion) to measure displacement capacitance sensors. Controller is capable to operate 6 channels with feedback simultaneously, which allows to independently scan with tip and sample both.

Any available system signal can be used for SPM feedback.EG-3000 SPM controller diagram

EG-3000 SPM controller contains 2-channel lock-in amplifier to provide resonant SPM techniques, for example non-contact SPM mode. Lock in amplifier includes high stable voltage generator based on digital frequency synthesizer. High speed data processing is implemented using programmable logic (FPGA). This allows to perform high quality lock-in detection up to 1.5 MHz band.

EG-3000 has multy channel (up to 12) control for stepper motor with micro step option, for example, for adjustment of scanning head (stage).

Controller has analog inputs and outputs for external equipment connections, synchronization inputs and outputs and USB interface for connection with PC. Controller is managed with NSpec software.



Basic datasheet:

Functional data
General characteristics
CPU 32 bit; RISC
PC Interface USB 2.0
Other interfaces RS 232, RS485, SYNC I/O
High-voltage outputs
Voltage -10..150 V
1.2.2 Noise < 5 ppm
1.2.3 Number of channels 3 or 6
1.2.4 Resolution (digital-analog converters) 18 bit
Stepper motors control unit
Number of channels 4/8/12
1.3.2 Power supply 24V, 3A
1.3.3 Microstepping mode support 1/1, ½, ¼, 1/16 step
Lock-in amplifier
Number of channels
1.4.2 Preamplifier gain 1-100
1.4.3 Input voltage range ±10 V
1.4.4 ADC resolution 16 bit
1.4.5 Frequency range of input signals 0-1,2 MHz
1.4.6 Frequency range of main oscillator 10 Hz – 3 MHz
1.4.7 Output voltage amplitude 0 mV-10 V
1.4.8 Frequency  stability < 5 ppm
1.4.9 Additional channels ADC / DAC
Number of input channels 2
Voltage Range ±10 V
ADC resolution 16 bit
Number of output channels 2
Voltage range ±10 V
DAC resolution 16 bit

EG-3061 Drawing